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Oct 01, 2010 @ 04:26 PM

Write 4 Life!

Welcome to my blog: Write 4 Life.  This is a beginning!  It’s exhilarating, powerful, purposeful, and scary.  It’s mine, and I’m thrilled to be writing, writing for MY life!


Live Life!

Write 4 Life is about the art, science, and discipline to write for the personal and professional development of our own lives.  Write 4 Life is about expressing what’s on the inside of you, of me, of us.  It’s about opening up, looking within, and then letting it out in a way that works for each of us.  Write 4 Life isn’t about getting it ‘right’ or getting it ‘perfect.’  It’s about getting it - our lives - period.  Getting it down on paper, on your keyboard, on a napkin at a restaurant, in a journal, or simply in response to a post on this or some other blog.  Write for life is about moving our thoughts from our head, to our heart, to our hands.  The art, science, and yes discipline to collect our thoughts, feelings, emotions, insights and perspectives and put them down in writing is a wonderfully liberating and clarifying process.  The act of articulating our thoughts through writing can have amazing, unexpected, and transforming effects on the lives we live.  Write 4 Life is about finding your voice through writing, clarifying your thoughts in writing, expressing yourself from the inside out through writing, and then,  really, really listening to, well, you!  BE more interested in letting the words flow, than the grammar in which they’re written.  BE more passionate about YOUR own discovery and declaration of what’s important to you, than what someone else might think or say about it.  BE true to you and what you have to say to and for yourself!   Write 4 Life - your life!


Write for Life... Write On!

Write for life - Write ON!


Where should we begin this journey together?  Why don’t we begin with an affirmation...


Yes you can!

It’s an affirmation of choice, an affirmation I choose to believe every day.  Care to join me?  What affirmations do you live by?  Want to share?


YES... It’s about Attitude, Belief, Faith, & Passion


YOU... It’s about You / Really Listening to YOU! / Purpose / Taking Care of You / Being Free to BE / Personal Confidence and Support


CAN!... It’s about Inspired Action / Applied Knowledge / Establishing Forward Momentum / Motive, Purpose, and Vision / Commitment to Committed Action



Yes... is about:

·   Attitude, a positively, over the top, at times supercharged YES, I ABSOLUTELY CAN AND WILL DO attitude!  An  attitude that lives in the possibility of a vision; an attitude that finds motivation from the power of your purpose; an attitude that fuels the required action to accomplish your goals, dreams, and aspirations. “The most significant decision I make each day is my choice of an attitude.  When my attitudes are right there’s no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme and no challenge too great.” – Charles Swindoll

·   Belief, unwavering belief and Faith in your dreams and vision.  Belief and faith that tell you it’s possible, (tell you) you can do it, (tell you) you will do it!  Belief and faith in YOU, in your abilities, in your relentless pursuit of what powers your purpose! 

·   Passion.  Passion for what’s possible, passion for the process and the effort you have to put in, passion for the reward of what you and others will realize when you accomplish your goal and reach your vision. Passion that powers your purpose!


YES - it’s a GREAT way to start the day, end the day, and make it through the day!  YES! YES YOU CAN!


Stay tuned for YOU CAN!



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