Types of Individuals Seeking a Professional Life Coach

Inspired Action focuses on working with a few specific niches: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Individuals typically found within the following demographics:

• Early and mid-forties to late fifties
• Well educated and well read, typically have higher education degrees from a college or university
• Historical income levels of $75,000 and up individually, $150,000 and up for couples
• Members of professional groups and/or associations
• Involved in civic and/or spiritual organizations
• Seeking a change in their “status quo”
• What was once thought of as comfortable is now surfacing as complacent, and they’re not wanting or willing to “settle”
• Motivated to make a change and would benefit from working with a change agent

Our clients have considerable life experience to draw from in order to shape their future goals, dreams and aspirations. They’re not riding in a rodeo for the very first time. They understand how they currently fit in and affect the dynamic of the many lives they interact with. Their life perspective is a healthy balance of the more narrowly focused individual (themselves), as well as the broader, more macro understanding and appreciation for others: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and community.


Executives often find themselves feeling rather isolated in the day-to-day challenges of their corporate life. They don’t have anyone to use as a soundboard for different ideas or plans of action. They want to stretch themselves in a number of different ways, and their boss, mentor, peers and certainly their direct reports are not the best choice for establishing this kind of relationship with. While their spouse, close family member or friend may mean well in offering this kind of assistance, they don’t challenge their thinking or hold them to the kind of accountability they seek. Because of the unique environment and culture each company, corporation, or non-profit organization creates, these executives can realize tremendous value by working with a coach who understands (from firsthand experience) the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Executive positions held by clients we often work with include:

  • • CEO’s

  • • CFO’s

  • • COO’s

  • • Presidents

  • • Executive Vice-Presidents

  • • Vice-Presidents

  • • Directors

  • • Regional Area Managers


The business challenges of an entrepreneur are not too different from those of a corporate executive, just on a different scale and typically with far fewer resources available to them. Entrepreneurs may find themselves feeling even more isolated than corporate executives because they’re typically working within a much smaller organization, but their desire for personal and professional growth are no different. Their desire and commitment to their company and to the people they employ is real and they’re willing to do what it takes to win. Working with a coach can make the entrepreneur feel as if they have a real partner in the business (without any of the actual ownership of course).


Teams of all kinds are challenged by the often seemingly opposed motives for their members’ involvement in the team: personal gain, personal agendas and recognition visa-vi the collective team gain, team’s agenda and the team’s accomplishment. While these motives are not necessarily opposing, they are often challenging to align for the individual team member as well as for the collective body (entity) of the team. A good coach will work with these team dynamics in ways that support, empower, and serve both the individual as well as the collective team as a whole.

Mid-life Change Seekers (MLCS)

MLCS’s (Mid-Life Change Seekers) may desire change within the scope of their profession or career, either by their own choice or one made for them as part of a corporate restructuring, downsizing, layoff, or even performance related termination. The matter of fact is they want to work, to earn a living, to contribute to our economic engine – in a way that ‘works’ for them. This may mean doing what they did before, or it may mean doing something completely different. The choice is theirs. MLCS’s may desire change in other parts of their lives outside of work or career. It can be in any myriad of life’s elements. What they likely feel or know is… the status quo has got to go! They’re up to making a change, a change that matters in who they’re being in life. Giddy Up! Let’s Go!