Potential & Possibility

Inspired Action is an executive, team and personal life coach company committed to the personal and professional development of our clients. We believe the greatest contribution we can make is in the ability of human beings to more fully recognize, appreciate, and apply their own amazing potential. As personal life coaches we also believe potential is a limitless resource and by channeling our energies and efforts in a focused direction, a direction which most effectively leverages our passion, skills, abilities and experience, the results we deliver (and that our clients realize) can be extraordinary.


We recognize that for individuals, teams, and organizations our freedom to choose and tendency to act fundamentally shape our success and accomplishment (or even our failure and defeat). Some of the most significant choices we make every moment of every day are those that affect our attitude and personal character, those that make us so much of who we are as well as whom we aim to become. Whether an individual, family, team, association or business, these core character and attitude choices frame so much of our life experience. Inspired Action exists as an executive, team, and personal life coach company to help you determine what the right choices are for you.

  • • risk or risk aversion

  • • abundance or scarcity

  • • action or just “good” intention

  • • half-full or half-empty

  • • humility or ego

  • • confidence or intimidation

  • • drive and determination or complacency and passive resolve

  • • empathy or disassociation

  • • caring or indifference

  • • compassion or disregard

  • • integrity or not

  • • generosity or selfishness

  • • love or hate

  • • strength of character or homogenous conformity

All of our individual choices shape our unique place, perspective, and experience in life. Broader life knowledge, insight, understanding, perspective and experience all contribute to making better choices and decisions. In the end, what really matters are the choices we make and the actions we take. Inspired Action aims to instill in each coaching client and partner we serve that their profound ability and freedom of choice – particularly in regard to attitude and character – acts as a powerful force in shaping their unique life experience.


Action lies hand in hand with choice. It is not what we know or understand so much that matters, but what we do with what we know that inevitably affects what happens in life or on the job. What we cause to happen through our own free will to act fundamentally shapes and affects our world and the world around us. Action moves us forward, gaining ground towards what we aim to accomplish. Inaction leaves us exposed to the progress and actions of others, in effect losing ground and moving us further away from our desired goal or objective. Inspired Action asserts that choice combined with determined action create the greatest power and force of progress.