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What is Coaching? Learn More About What a Certified Life Coach Does

Attempting to explain ‘What Coaching Is?’ is a lot like trying to describe how to ride a bike. You can say ‘Sit on the seat, hold the handlebars, then place your feet on the pedals and peddle!’ Chances are, most people aren’t really going to get the sense of ‘balance’ just by reading this explanation; so much the same for coaching. While we go to some length to explain how we define coaching, you’re likely not going to ‘get it’ unless you get on the bike and ride (you can do this by requesting a sample session – enjoy the ride!).

Coaching, fundamentally, is an investment in you, in living a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment. An investment aimed at the realization of your personal and professional goals, dreams, desires and life aspirations. This ‘investment’ secures the professional and committed services of a trained coach who works with you, in a collaborative and co-active relationship towards the accomplishment of your goals. The ‘work’ that gets done boils down to three key elements: learning and insight, awareness and perspective and lastly choice and action.

In its simplest form, Inspired Action coaching is a co-active and collaborative relationship between client and coach, which exists solely to clarify the client’s goal, dream, vision or aspiration from the ‘reality’ of their current situation. Client and coach then work together to bridge the divide through a collaborative process of coach and client interaction.

I’ve also heard coaching described as:
• Professionally facilitated life change’
• A professional relationship which works to fill the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be.’
• A two-step process. Step one is learning more about yourself, and step two is forwarding action towards a desired destination.’

Hopefully ‘What Coaching Is’ is now clear. If it’s not, you’re just going to have to get on the bike and ride (request a sample session at the top of this page!). The experience will tell you more than another 6 paragraphs might – go for the experience!