1. Our Own Worst Enemy: Keeping our own dreams at bay

Traffic Jam

This type knows what they want. They know what their goals, dreams or aspirations are. They have a pretty good idea what they’re destined to do or become, but for any number of reasons they haven’t done anything to achieve or realize them. They’re stalled. Stuck. Blocked from moving forward. This is no way to live. It’s wasted potential.  Their goal, dream or aspiration has been parked in a “wishful thinking garage” which is out of sight but often top of mind. The client is too busy, too tired, too distracted or too committed to other things. They are in that most useless of places “The Waiting Place,” (according to Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go). Such wasted time; time that if spent with the right coach could be turned into something so much more productive and meaningful. Below are the typical culprits of parked dreams and aspirations: Typical Characteristics: No clear action plan. Multiple communication barriers acting as resistance to the dream. Common Obstacles: Fear/anxiety of what the possible outcomes, responses, changes in status quo might be. Fear of failure. A lack of a high degree of accountability. The design of WHAT they want and WHY they want it is not clear enough or bold enough to compel them to act. Inspired Action works with the client as a coach and mentor to create a compelling vision, a vision which articulates the WHAT and WHY of their dreams and aspirations. We work with the client to build a clear and committed action plan, and we introduce a high degree of accountability to the process.

2. The Fog: Substance surrounded by a lack of clarity and inaction


This type has a pretty good idea of what they don’t want, but aren’t real clear about what they do want. There are a lot of things they’re capable of and many things they’d like to experience. They are too distracted by all the choices and options that exist beyond just knowing what it is they don’t want.  Typical Characteristics: Too many ideas, possibilities, or considerations to choose from; no clear priority or preference Common Obstacles: Lack of self discovery, self assessment, self interrogation to define life’s purpose, passion, or vision Other demands for time and life responsibilities seemingly prevent any real commitment to self Inspired Action will work with the client to make very liberating and empowering decisions about their lives and what they really want. We work with the client to prioritize and focus on what’s most important to them and build committed action plans to achieve them.

3. The Robot: Existing merely to serve one routine purpose

Robot w/ CartThese types find themselves living an almost mechanical routine doing the same thing again, and again and again. They have forgotten how to dream. They simply cannot imagine living their lives with great passion, enthusiasm or spark for life. Typical Characteristics: Too many reasons why things don’t or can’t work the way they want them to, not enough reasons why they can. Too many negative attitudes, negative forces, negative influencers have squelched their spark and spirit for dreaming and believing in the possibility of something better than what they live today. Common Obstacles: Their “reality” of toady is fixed that they can’t see they do have the ability to affect and change their reality; that their experience in the moment doesn’t have to last all the moments of their lives. They’ve been living the same story, telling the same story over and over and over that it ‘s the only story they know and they don’t know how to begin telling another one! Inspired Action will work with these clients to rediscover the magic of imagination and of dreams, to explore and discover their passion, purpose, and sparks for life! Clients will challenge themselves to live their lives very different from what they’ve known in pursuit of their newly created goals, dreams, and aspirations for life.