How We Define Life Coaching

Life coaching is not consulting, nor counseling. It’s so much more than training and development. Executive, team, career and life coaching goes far beyond a really good self help book, a motivational speaker or seminar or any other collective CD or DVD program. While all of the above can be really great, extremely valuable, and can truly affect the quality of our lives (when we apply what we learn from them), one of the big differences in working with a coach are the collective experiences you truly ‘get’ through the work you do together. Another BIG difference is when you’re working with a coach you’re working with someone on a consistent, structured, and frequent basis. It’s not a ‘one time quickie.’

Life coaching is a relationship. The creation of a collaborative relationship between the coach and the client focused solely on the client’s goals, dreams, aspirations and vision. A relationship designed to facilitate, accelerate and promote much more effective as well as successful results for the client than if they were working alone. A relationship engaged with an enthusiastic Coach, Advocate and Catalyst to inspiring positive change for individuals, families, teams and organizations.

Life coaching is a conversation; a conversation designed to interrogate the clarity of a client’s vision against the reality of their current state, and then work to bridge the divide through a collaborative coaching process.

The life coaching conversation is built on this premise: the client has the very best answers, insights, solutions and ideas to their specific challenges and opportunities. The client simply hasn’t been asked the right questions in just the right way. The realm of possibility (around their particular issue or opportunity) has not been interrogated intensely enough, with the kind of focused (dare it be said piercing) questions, or with the level of acute listening required to foster or elicit the clarity, purpose, belief or vision that ultimately provide the solutions the client seeks.

Life coaching is an agreement of accountability. When you have to answer to someone other than yourself, when you know you’ll be asked to account for your action (or inaction) there’s a much greater sense of responsibility and propensity to actually accomplish that which you aim to. We all rise to the highest level of expectation and accountability we set for ourselves, as well as what others set for us. The real accountability is to your self, to your commitment, and to your desire to reach your goals, dreams and aspirations!

Life coaching requires a passion for people. At Inspired Action, we want you to reach your goals, dream and aspirations as much as you do. Our success lies in your success and we genuinely want to see you succeed. That‘s the business we’re in. It’s what powers our purpose.

Life coaching is a process. Achievement and realization of your most sought after goals, dreams and aspirations take time, work, determination and commitment. Our process of inspired action happens over time, not overnight. While working with a life coach certainly provides an accelerated process, there are no shortcuts. There’s no magic pill or potion. You get out what you put in.

Life coaching can only happen if it’s built upon a foundation of mutual integrity, trust, honesty and respect.