Tender, compelling, kind, powerful and enthusiastic

"Tender, compelling, kind, powerful and enthusiastic, Todd Davisson is the coach who will get you where you want to be. He has a deep belief in his clients' personal power and he draws forth all the possibilities that lie within them. Todd has coached me personally on a number of issues and I have always come out on the other side feeling empowered and hopeful about the things I can do to create improvements in my own life.

He is genuine, fun, and has a heart of gold. I highly recommend Todd as your Possibilities Coach!"

Jennifer Kern, M.S. International Life Coach

Todd’s character is Solid

"Todd is a man who has a wonderful, strong, and warm presence.  When he walks into a room his commitment to live life BIG is immediately apparent.   Todd’s character is solid - he’s a person of intelligence and integrity.  His deeds match his words and he can be counted on to tell the truth.  Todd has a gentle and caring spirit and makes it safe for people to do their work.  When Todd coached me he invited me to come out to work and to play - to be creative and to take risks. 

I could be loud, I could get up and move, I could get excited and tingle with the possibilities, I could be scared, I could laugh or cry.  Todd made everything I said and did wonderful. It was so apparent that he was for me, in support of what I was after, and he gave me permission to visualize and experience that which I was wanting in my life. Todd acted as an enthusiastic cheerleader which spurred me on to do more. It was an amazing  experience!   Todd Davisson is an extraordinary coach - his strong character, personality, creativity, enthusiasm, excitement and energy act as a beacon, lighting the way for others to soar to their magnificence!"  

Sue Gordon

Todd is full of Positive Energy

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Todd during my training with CTI and it was both powerful and transforming! He was able to shift my perspective from one of feeling powerless to one of being powerful. Todd is full of positive energy and all about possibilities-helping you to create amazing changes in your life!”

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