Needs We Fill

The ‘needs’ we fill are more appropriately defined by the motives and/or desires our clients seek. That is to say, it’s not as much about a ‘need’ as it is about a choice to pursue a sought after goal, dream or life aspiration. Below are the top 18 motives our clients choose to work with Inspired Action on/towards:

  • Career Change

  • Career Advancement

  • Career Enrichment

  • Career Effectiveness

  • Financial Improvement

  • Marriage Enrichment

  • Community Involvement

  • Relationship Improvement

  • Mid-Life Adjustment(s)

  • Personal Interests Discovery

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Hobby / Pastime / Recreation

  • Family Relations and Priorities

  • Entrepreneurial Start-up

  • Religious Expression / Involvement

  • Changing Habits

  • Communication Improvement

  • Redesigning short & long term goals