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Dec 01, 2010 @ 01:34 PM

Looking for Answers?

What you find depends a great deal on where you look, to whom you ask, and of course the power of your questions...

Where are you looking? 

So many of us ask some of life’s most important questions looking through a window, as if the answers are ‘out there’ somewhere.  And while we certainly may find inspiration and insight from looking outside, from the beauty of nature like a magnificent maple tree in full Fall colors, or the beauty and stillness of a snowfall onto that same tree a month or two later.  Asking important life questions looking through a window suggest the answers are ‘out there somewhere.’  They’re not, they’re inside, inside you!  If you really want answers to life questions that matter, that make a difference, that affect the quality and fulfillment of your life, don’t look for the answers ‘out there,’  look inside - you’ll be impressed with what you find.

To whom are you asking these important life questions? 

Are you asking others for the answers, for what they think is ‘right’ for you?    Yes, without a doubt, there can be great value in getting input, perspective, and ideas from others.  And, the true answers for yourself come from yourself.  So who you should you ask?  Yourself, of course.  No, it’s not always easy.  Rather than looking through a window, take a good long look in the mirror!  The longer you look, the deeper you get... into you... into who you are, who you want to be, what you want, what you want to do, the difference you want to make, the contributions you want to make.  The answers to these questions aren’t something anyone else can answer for you, and the answers won’t be found ‘on the surface’ of your personal exploration.  You’re going to have to invest some time looking in, looking deeper into a mirror which reflects your purpose, your passions, values, dreams, and aspirations that compel you to both stand for these things, as well as take action for them.  In need of a few answers?  Do you wish or hope someone else would make the decision, tell you what you need to do?  Maybe you could hire a ‘consultant’ who would sell you the answers?  Come on... get real.  If you’re living someone else’s life, or you’re letting someone else live yours, STOP!  This is your one shot, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, take the bull by the horns and go for it!  Live the life you imagine!  Live into the highest expectations you set for yourself!  Looking for Answers?  Look within!


The power of your questions can make all the difference! 

Do you know what to ask yourself?  Are there one or two questions you’ve been wrestling with for the longest time and still don’t seem to be making much progress towards an answer?  Are you asking the really hard questions which will yield the juiciest and most compelling answers for living your most fulfilled life?  Do the questions you’re asking open up an incredible space for you to explore, discover, and find the best answers for you?  Here is where working with professional life coach can really make a difference.  A professional life coach will ask powerful questions to help you open up a space of exploration, discovery, and yes, finding answers.  Your answers, found from within yourself, answered by yourself.  Interested in a test drive?  Most importantly, keep asking the questions of yourself, you’ll be amazed at how the answers can truly affect the quality of your life’s experience!  Live your very best life!


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