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Nov 15, 2010 @ 12:19 PM

Enough, is Enough!

Are there things you’re tolerating? 

Things you feel you’ve swept under the rug, but eventually find yourself tripping over? 

Do you start your day, or end your day, or even consume your day with the desire for change? 

Do you seek small, subtle change or BIG, BOLD, transformational change?  When does your desire for change outweigh your hold on the status quo?


Enough is Enough! At what point do YOU say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

It’s certainly different for each person.  How or when you choose to ‘put a stake in the ground’ certainly depends, in part, upon the particular situation, circumstance, significance, and potential or possible outcomes of your declaration - “Enough, is enough!”  How does an individual define or set their own limits?  How do you know you’ve reached the tipping point where you can no longer tolerate the status quo and must make a change?  How long do you explore, consider, and ponder the many implications of possible choices... and subsequent actions that must follow? 



Here are a few scenarios when it’s likely time to make the call of “Enough, is Enough!” for you...

  1. When you feel the loss of self is imminent.
  2. When you pray for a gust of wind to re-ignite (oxygenate) the slow burning embers that once were a raging fire of passion and life purpose.
  3. When the weight of a smothering blanket flirts with extinguishing the last of your hopes, dreams, passions, and aspirations.
  4. When you look in the mirror wondering who the stranger is in its reflection.
  5. When the song in your voice and the dance in your step are but a faint memory of better times before.
  6. When the struggle for life’s breath is more a struggle for the breath of one’s life.

So how do you know when the balloon is about to burst, when the rubber band has been stretched to its limit?  Do you have to hit the wall crashing in at full speed, or can you see the wall quickly approaching, aware of time and choice, and choose to do something different, to alter your course?



It helps to know what your values are, what brings purpose to your BEing! 

Here are just a few of mine:

  1. I love to dance and sing, I’m committed to doing so much more of both.
  2. I have a burning passion for executive, life, and life transition coaching (and it doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty damn good at it).
  3. I am a Jew and a parent who believes strongly in living by example, setting an example for others and most importantly for my children.  I aspire to set an even better example tomorrow than I do today; I want my life, my choices and actions, and who I’m being to set the best example for my children.  Certainly Gary and Rebecca will make their own choices, BE their own selves.  The examples we set for our children act as an incredible foundation for them to build upon. My parents set an incredible example for me, for the foundation of my life experiences and choices, and how very grateful I am (that they did)!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad!
  4. I’m reminded of the saying, and I don’t recall who said it, ‘It’s not what we leave for our children, but what we leave IN them that matters most!’
  5. I absolutely believe in abundance and not scarcity.
  6. I believe lifelong education and the perspectives of curiosity and wonder are fundamental to who I am and to who I am becoming!
  7. I believe what you give is what you get.
  8. I believe family and friends are the truest riches of the world.
  9. I choose to live life on my terms, on what fulfills my soul.
  10. I choose to respect my own needs, my own integrity to self, my voice, my choice.
  11. I choose to act.

Something interesting to consider when asking, When is ‘Enough, Enough’?

Are the most important or significant things, issues, circumstances I’m tolerating really born from someone else, or from myself?  What am I tolerating from me?  From who I’m BEing?  From my own fears or rationalizations?  What behaviors of myself, what stories, what limiting beliefs, what gremlins or saboteurs?  What inaction, patience, silence?  While it may seem what we’re tolerating is born from outside ourselves, I would argue that what we find and feel as our most frustrating and limiting ‘circumstances‘ of life are born from what we tolerate of our selves.  Is it time to say... ‘Enough Is Enough!’?


As I have shared my list above, I would love for you to share YOUR list with me!

Comment Below with YOUR list:

What are your values?

What brings purpose to your BEing!


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