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Nov 08, 2010 @ 06:27 PM

CAN is about Inspired Action!

"We cannot lower the mountain – We CAN only elevate ourselves"
- Todd Skinner


Can!... is about:

  1. Inspired action!  About the doing of “can do” and “will do.” It’s about finding the inspiration, motivation, power of your purpose, and clarity of your vision that moves you, compels you to act.


  1. Applied knowledge - applying what you know.  It’s about the tactical, and at times strategic, application and execution of what you know it takes, what has to be done, to reach your goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Frequent, persistent, and consistent action is what makes things happen, action is what separates “good” intention from accomplishment.


  1. Establishing forward momentum, moving toward your vision with a spirit of determination and resolve to make it happen.  It’s about rising above resistance, tuning out the neigh sayers, and leveraging your fear in constructive pursuit of your dream.


  1. Motive, purpose, vision - resilient, determined, focused, unwavering, committed... these mind and body forces are what fuel and sustain the unstoppable action required to achieve what you know you CAN!  It’s about creating the reality you’ve set forth from your thought, choice, and yes, ACTION.


  1. Commitment to committed action.  Withstanding the pressures, the doubt, the insecurity from yourself and others.  Understanding the investment of time, money, soul, blood, sweat and tears, as well as the inevitable sacrifice, to some degree, that must be made to achieve anything worth the effort.  There will be sacrifice, doubt, insecurity, and yes a great deal of investment in many ways.  CAN is about staying the course, staying true to you, your dreams and vision.  CAN is about taking the action to make it happen in the face of (and in the moment of) all you will have to endure!


There you go!  Yes You Can! - an affirmation I turn to on a daily basis; maybe after reading through what is now the beginning of my Write 4 Life blog, my hope is you have found a little inspired action for yourself.

Yes - attitude
You - honoring your most authentic, passionate self
Can! - making it happen (with inspired action)

What a great journey we’re on - thanks for sharing the road together!


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