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Feb 28, 2011 @ 05:57 PM

Different Strokes - 5 thoughts on creative self expression!

Paint Brushes

I’m not a painter, but when I saw this image of different paint colors, brushes, and the intriguing shapes/textures each was creating, it occurred to me there’s a metaphor in there somewhere! Looking with a little more curiosity, what struck me was how great each brush painted a very unique line!  And while the lines they painted seem to fit the brush quite naturally, like they make sense - almost predictable, it’s also quite apparent each brush could easily paint a very different line, or shape, or whatever we might imagine.  Each brush has an amazing depth and breadth of possible expression - very much like yourselves!  Do you find yourself painting the predictable or unpredictable? Single color or eclectic mix of color and texture?  How do you imagine and ‘paint’ different possibilities of self expression?  You are the artist, the painter, the creator of your own life’s canvas!   The paints or brushes you choose to work with might reflect your sense of spirituality, relationship, profession, health and wellness, or financial security.  What are the paints and brushes you work with?  While you likely have a ‘favorite brush’ and preferred palette of colors, what can you do to add greater depth and breadth to your life’s self expression?

How often do we explore and embrace our full range of human expression for who we are? And how fun would it be to start painting your life different than what you and those around you are so familiar with?  Does it ever occur to you whether or not you use all the different paints, colors, and brushes you have available to create the most vibrant expression of you?


Have you limited who you are, and who you may become by the limits you place on how you express yourself...

  1. Color only within the lines
  2. Color by numbers
  3. Paint only through the perspective of “realism” vs. exploring the art of an impressionist
  4. Only mix these colors and certainly don’t mix “those” colors



Here are 5 thoughts to consider as you rethink and hopefully broaden the depth and breadth of your life’s expression...


1. Appreciative Inquiry

 what works well and what do you truly value in the current rendition of your life’s self expression?  What are you certain you want to include and continue to carry forward?  What do you consider ‘hallmark‘ parts of you?  What values will you always honor through your authentic self expression?


2. Play “I Spy”

 I spy travel, I spy quite time & meditation, I spy dance and play, I spy....  something completely new.  Or maybe you spy so much more of something you only express in very small ways today. By paying attention to what’s different, to what you want to BE different, you’ll be inspired to include these new paints, brushes, and designs as part of your expanded self expression.


3. Be Creative

Be Creative with what you have.  How can you blend colors, use some of the same brushes as before to create a completely refreshed or maybe an altogether new look?  Do you have friends or family you might ask to get their ideas?  What if you actually bought some paints and brushes and just let your creative juices flow?  Paint something unpredictable and then explore the possibility of meaning in it.


4. Try Something On

 Try something on for an hour, a day, or a week.  You don’t have to keep this new color or stroke of a brush, but what will it hurt to give it short test drive to see what it’s like?


5. Accept Yourself

 Accept yourself with the greatest degree of love and appreciation for who you are!  After all is said and done, you are you!  Own your amazing greatness, acknowledge your incredible sense of self and how you express yourself to the world.  Behold in your eyes the splendor of the masterpiece... of YOU!

Here’s to the many different strokes we all have within our reach!



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