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Dec 06, 2010 @ 01:12 PM


Who are you Listening to?


Think about how much we're broadcast to... by the TV, Radio, Billboard, Internet, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, RSS feeds, iPods, friends, family, spouse, children, at work - your boss, coworkers,... all vying for your time, your attention, wanting (not necessarily needing) to be 'listened to' and be 'heard'. Sounds a bit overwhelming! What do you think they want you to hear? Whose agenda are they promoting? Whose truest interests do they have at heart? Who else really needs to be heard? Who else should you absolutely tune into? Curious?



Does it ever make you wonder just how much time you commit (or not) to listening... to you? To yourself? Not to the self defeating voices, saboteurs, or gremlins that doubt and discount your greatness, but to the voice, your voice, of (your) higher self?

  1. your voice of reason and especially wonder
  2. your voice of passion and purpose
  3. your voice of dreams and aspirations
  4. your voice of possibility



It begs the question, how do you construct a personal practice and commit the time to listen to yourself?

  1. Do you journal?
  2. Meditate?
  3. Work with a life or executive coach? (I know a really good one!)
  4. Do you evaluate your own life's balance sheet?
  5. Do you check the direction and desired destination of the path you're traveling?



Who are you Listening to?What would be different in your life if you actually took the time to really listen... to you? Not sure what questions to ask?

Listen a little closer - you'll hear the questions. Tune in without all the noise from the outside. What if you hear silence? What if? Every great painting began with a blank canvas - listen to the silence - you'll likely hear something amazing (I expect).



Take some time and tune in... to YOU! Enjoy!


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