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Nov 22, 2010 @ 09:00 AM

Shopping for YOU!

Shopping for YOUHow many of you have some degree of shopping on your agenda over the next few weeks?  Shopping for that perfect gift to give to someone you care about, or maybe a gift for someone you really could care less about but it’s the ‘appropriate’ thing to do?  Let me ask you something.  What gift could you give YOURSELF, that would absolutely rock your world but... can’t be purchased over the counter, online, or through a catalog?  What gift can you open up for yourself that would open up your world to something AMAZING?  Now, stop and think for a second, would this gift to yourself also be a gift to those in your life?  Could the gift you open up for yourself also be one of the greatest gifts you could give others? What would open up for them?  Can you feel the excitement, anticipation, and maybe even a little fear? 



Here are a few ideas you might want to put on your own ‘wish’ list of ‘MY GIFTS to ME’ and try on the idea of unwrapping...

  1. A gift of... Time
  2. A gift of... Gratitude
  3. A gift of... Voice
  4. A gift of... Truth
  5. A gift of... Values Clarification
  6. A gift of... Goals
  7. A gift of... Forgiveness
  8. A gift of... Saying No
  9. A gift of... Saying YES!
  10. A gift of... The Moment
  11. A gift of... Attitude
  12. A gift of... Choice
  13. A gift of... Song & Dance
  14. A gift of... Play
  15. A gift of... Peace
  16. A gift of... Love & Joy
  17. A gift of... Acceptance
  18. A gift of... Passion & Purpose Fulfilled!
  19. A gift of... No Regrets


What gift do you want to add to the list? 

What gift to yourself would you like to open up? 

What difference will it make for you (and those around you)? 


Happy shopping!


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