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Oct 12, 2010 @ 10:41 PM

YES is about Attitude!


Attitude is a perspective of choice, it is also a predisposition of our behavior.
Attitude is a declaration.
Attitude is the lens we choose to view our world through.
Attitude is our own internal barometer, our own True North compass.

Some of my favorite attitudes of choice include:

- Half Full!
- Life is Good!
- We Become What We Think About - so think about what we want and who we want to become.
- We Live the Story We Tell - so tell the story you want to live.
- In the words of Les Brown ‘It’s Not Over Until I Win!’
- Paul said... ‘You must have the faith to call forth those things that be not as though they were, judge not according to appearances...”  

External Factors
Lots of ‘external’ factors have the capacity to affect and shape our attitude, IF we choose to let them.  Some of these outside factors can really improve our attitude, others can absolutely destroy it - you’re in control - it really is YOUR CHOICE!  I believe what’s inside holds the greatest influence - kind of like a compass.  Regardless of the weather, the input or opinions of others, or the ‘circumstance’ of life, our compass will always point to a True North.  Our choice of attitude is much the same, regardless of what’s going on around us, we hold within ourselves our own True North!

Positive external factors

When available, I soak in as many Positive Outside Factors as I can!... I love when I get Acknowledgment, Praise, Affirmation, and Positive Recognition from others.  It lights up my day when someone shows their Support, Encouragement and Appreciation for me or something I’m doing or have done.  My attitude barometer spikes up a little whenever I Plug into my iPod and listen to Music I Love, or to listen to Motivational/Inspirational recordings or videos.  When I’m getting dressed for an important business meeting or a night on the town my attitude improves just a little when I choose to wear a Favorite outfit - the perfect tie or pair of shoes that put a little zip in my step.  And while I don’t let the weather take me down, I do have to say that a beautiful Spring or Fall day, when the air is cool and crisp, not a cloud in the sky, and you can feel the warmth of the sun shining down - that certainly helps the attitude as well.

Negative external factors
As much as knowing the positive factors that turn your attitude up, it’s just as important to know and AVOID those that turn your attitude down..  Those Negative Outside Factors are many, they’re everywhere, and the have incredible influence... if YOU let them.  Who are they?  The Neigh-sayers, the Dream busters, the one who simply don’t believe, who don’t share in your dream, in you!  The Problem finders (vs. solution creators).  More likely than not these negative ‘forces’ see the world through a perspective of scarcity, where their fuel tank of life is perpetually ‘half empty’!  Keep your distance, the more the better, from these ‘downers.’  Let them keep company with one another - the resistance they pour into our life’s equation is simply of little if any value.  Other popular negative outside forces are the weather, traffic, automated phone response systems that seem to go nowhere but in a vicious circle, or products or services that don’t deliver anywhere close to our expectation.  We have absolutely no control over these forces, yet we are often so quick to let them take us down.  What’s up (or down) with that?


What about ‘internal’ factors?  Factors we have a great deal of control and influence over...

- Honoring commitments/promises we make.

- Integrity to our word.

- Consistently make choices which move us closer towards our desired goal/life aspiration.

- Practice, preparation, rehearsal - improving the probability to achieve your goals.

- Positive affirmations that build you up, that empower you to BE the you you aspire to.

- Belief & Faith in you.

- Belief & Faith in your dream, vision, and life aspiration.

- Belief in your ability, your capacity, your possibility.

YES is about Attitude!

Stay Tuned for more on YES!

-- Todd

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