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Nov 02, 2010 @ 03:35 PM

More about YES!

Where were we?  Yes, that’s where we were! Yes in attitude, looking at internal as well as external factors that can easily influence and affect our attitude IF we allow them to, if we choose to!  Enough said.



Let’s look at Belief, Faith, and Passion! 

Knowing these for ourselves is more art than science.  We might be able to measure some emotional response like heart rate, or levels of endorphins within certain parts or processes of our brain.  In leu of these more scientific measurements, how about we just ask ourselves... How does this feel?  How well does this work (or not)?  What really lights me up and sustains my internal drive and determination?  What does my own internal barometer say?  I don’t know if belief, faith, and passion are qualities we can or even should attempt to articulate with some sense of reason.  It’s like trying to explain an intense sense of emotion with a rational or scientific vocabulary.  In other words, does it make sense to try and put such feelings into words?

The Importnce of Belief, Faith, and Passion of YES!

What’s important in belief, faith, and passion of YES is how true they are for YOU!  Here’s what I believe:  we certainly don’t need to consider attempting to explain our own belief, faith, and passion to others in a way meant to ‘justify’ it.  There’s something to be said for ‘knowing’ what’s true of our own belief, faith, and passion, and what matters most is that it holds true for you, for me, for the individual - not something we should have to ‘convince’ others about.  Your belief, faith, and passion should serve you and your journey through life powerfully, positively, enthusiastically.   If someone else questions what you hold to be true, in the context of your emotional truth, the best answer or response might simply be - because.  Searching for your own understanding or insight around a belief, faith, or passion may (and likely will) serve you very well.  Attempting to articulate the truth of your belief, faith, and passion in a way for others to accept, approve of, or validate suggests a significant disconnect between you (the you know yourself to BE) and the you someone else wants for you to ‘be.’  BE the true you, BE true to yourself, BE the YES you know serves your greatest belief, faith, and passion for life - YOUR LIFE!

Lastly, with regard to YES.  It seems to me that a big part of saying YES has a lot to do with saying NO.  If you want to say YES to you, to what’s important to you, to choosing the RIGHT attitude, to living into your own belief, faith, and passion, then you’re going to have to be able to say NO to those things, people, and conflicting agendas that get in the way.  It’s like a two sided coin, if you want heads you have to say no to tails.  If you say YES to you, what and who do you have to say NO to? I expect I’ll write more about this another day.  For now, think about, as I will, who and what I need to say NO more often to in order to say YES to more of ME!


Next will be a little about YOU!



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