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Dec 20, 2010 @ 04:20 PM

Life lessons in the lyrics of a song from my 7 year old daughter’s play list…

I LOVE time with my daughter, Rebecca. 

I especially love the time when I give myself permission to slow down and truly appreciate, even honor, the moment(s) of BEing with her.  These moments go a long way to strengthen the fabric of our relationship - it’s a good thing.


“Yes Dad, can you put on Kiss & Tell by Selena Gomez, and can you play song # 13.”

The other day we were driving to Sunday school and listening to some music from my iPhone.  I ask Rebecca if there’s something specific she’d like to listen to.  “Yes Dad, can you put on Kiss & Tell by Selena Gomez, and can you play song # 13.”  OK then, she knows exactly what she’d like to listen to!  Sure sweetheart...

Pleasantly surprised!  I can’t speak for the entire album, but song # 13, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, rocks!  We played that song 6 or more times on our drive (it’s 45 minutes one-way to our synagogue so we had plenty of time).  We both were singing at the top of our lungs, shaking our heads, body, and arms to the beat of the song, not caring what anyone driving next to us might think - we were having a blast, being in the moment together!  You’ve probably driven by a car and witnessed the same sort of craziness!  After the second or third listen I started to appreciate the insight and wisdom this song shares with the world.  The lyrics tell a such great story - a great life lesson about believing in your dreams and holding onto those dreams regardless of what other people say or think!  We all know achieving our dreams isn’t always easy, but there’s really no value in listening to all the negative talk, all the neigh sayers, all the dream busters who don’t see it like we do.  It speaks of how we need to ‘tune into’ something far more positive, upbeat, and encouraging.

“Yeah Dad, it’s a lot like your business of Inspired Action"

In between one of our ‘jam session’ replays I take a minute or two to ask Rebecca if she knows/appreciates what the words in this song are saying?.  She says, “yeah Dad, it’s a lot like your business of Inspired Action - you have to believe in you first, you have to listen to yourself and not let other people tell you what you can or can’t do - right?”  I was floored!  Not only does my daughter have a healthy appreciation for part of what I do as an executive life coach, but she can also hear the real value and message from a pop song.  At 7 years old Rebecca has an incredible appreciation for the value of beliefs, for believing in herself, for KNOWing she’s capable of all she aims and aspires to achieve, AND what others think or say about her doesn’t have to influence or affect who she is and what she wants for herself!  I can only hope and pray that I’m able to help Rebecca hang on to those values and beliefs for herself as she grows up and the pressures of becoming a teenager don’t dampen her belief in her own dreams and aspirations.  You go girl!  Rebecca - YOU ROCK!

Where are there opportunities for you to live more in the moment, in the now? 

 What opportunities exist for you to slow down and really BE with someone you love, someone very special to you - son or daughter, husband or wife, Mom or Dad, sibling or best friend?  What could you learn?  What song can you share? Isn’t it interesting, and I think certainly unfortunate, that as we ‘grow up’ we let the thoughts and opinions of others influence our own goals, dreams, and aspirations way too much?  We let the world shape our thinking much more towards why something can’t happen instead of embracing our own ability to see how something CAN (happen).  Does it have to be like that?

Where are you letting others influence your own beliefs by what they think or say about your dreams and aspirations? 

Are they talking you out of what you know to be TRUE for you?  Are they neigh sayers - dream busters - convinced you don’t deserve what you want for yourself (likely because they don’t know very clearly what they want or dream of for themselves)?  And if they can’t see themselves achieving ‘success’ then they’ll do what they can to keep you from achieving success as well.  How well (or not) are their thoughts and ideas serving your pursuit and belief in your own dreams and aspirations?

Maybe you want to download song #13 from Selena Gomez’s Kiss & Tell CD, plan a short road trip, turn up the volume, and drive/dance like it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! 

I suggest everyone read the Lyrics to this song here --> Tell Me Somthing I Don't Know Lyrics


Happy travels!
- Todd

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